Koress K2 Black Gloss Hookah

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Koress K2 Black Gloss Hookah – with innovative traction control.

Koress is a hookah stem with a traction control system wigh allows you to regulate the blow from easy to classic anytime while smoking. Three indicators of traction on the stem are regulated by a special pad on the main part with a vertical stroke. Hookahs are made of steel AISI-321 with a base of Polyacetal and metal lining on the stem. Smoke is coming out through vertically under the plate on the principle of the popular model from Alpha Hookah.


Distinctive features of koress black Mat hookah:

  • Innovative traction control system;
  • The hookah stem is made of stainless steel;
  • Fixed lapping plate;
  • Hose connects with grinding.

Hookah comes in a branded box, complete with a mouthpiece, hose and a set of seals: seal under the flask and under the bowl.

in order to get a full hookah, ready to work, you need to complete this model with a base and a bowl and optionally Heat Keeper  or Kaloud Lotus, if you do not want to use foil.

45 cm
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