Let's Smoke Hookah Stainless Steel

Let's Smoke Stainless Steel - full metal hookah made in steampunk design


Full made of stainless steel hookah with authentic vent and original design.


Distinctive features of this model:


  • Steampunk design
  • Hookah is made from stainless steel
  • Classic blow with no diffusor
  • Hose port connected to hookah stem by o-ring


NOTE! This hookah connects to any of the glass base BUT you will need to stretch the metall clips a little (spanner will help in that), because all glass bases are differ in top part, so there the tollerance for few mm.


If you want your hookah set to be complete you should also add any of hookah bowls, glass base and hose, optionally Heat Keeper, if you do not want to use foil at hookah preparation.

Height 60 cm
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