Do you ship to My country?

We ship worlwide!


How much is the shipping cost to My country?

To get the shipping cost, you should add goods to your cart, go to check-out page and choose your country from pop-up list. Our shipping calculator will show you the shipping cost. If your country is not at list - please contact us.


How many days does it take to ship to My country?

We ship from our warehouse in Moscow in 2 business days since we receive payment. Commonly all parcels arrive to destination point in 2 weeks. At some countries like Germany, Hong-Kong, China, Malaysia it arrives much faster - about 7 days.

Shipping can take much more time if you order to USA – we have a few cases when shipping takes 6-7 weeks, that happens because of the customs delays. But usually it takes same 2 weeks.

Also you should know, that we have no one case when shipping was lost. If the shipping doesnt arrive in 2 months, we will make a full refund.

Why I do not receive a notification from hookahrussia.com?

If you do not get any email from us within 3 business days after your request or any action (like making payment) please chek your spam folder - perhaps our e-mail is waiting for you there.

Why i can't pay with my credit\debit card? Got an Error at payment page

1. Our internet acquiring supports only cards with 3DSecure. So mainly you try to pay with card that has not that protection method.

2. Your card can has some restrictions on paying to Russia or on ammount, you can make a call to your bank to find out the real reason.


Also you can make a request to us about the reason of payment rejection - comonly we can answer such questions.